SySTEM Phoenix – College X Trips

For many underprivileged children, college seems completely out of reach. Their parents often don’t know how to navigate the higher education system. Many have never set foot at a university or spoken with college graduates other than their teachers.

Angelica Cruz and Nicole Fernandez are trying to change that. The visionary women launched SySTEM Phoenix, a charter school that offers rigorous and relevant educational experiences designed to inspire students to be critical thinkers, not just consumers of information. Their STEM-oriented school serves students in grades 6-8 and will add grade levels each year, eventually serving grades 6-12.

SySTEM also offers College XTrip tours to motivate students to pursue higher education. Through the tours, students get a taste of university life and learn how to set themselves on the path to college.

In order to attend a College XTrip, students must earn points by advancing in their reading and math levels, attending school regularly, and exhibiting skills such as perseverance and problem solving.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supports College XTrip to Arizona’s universities for deserving students.