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10 Ways To Take Action on Immigration in 2016


For New Year’s, 10 resolutions to support immigrant rights:

1. Urge the White House to stop deporting Central American families back to dangerous countries. In recent days, ICE has rounded up 121 mothers and children and transferred them to a family detention center in Texas to quickly process them for deportation. Many deported Central American asylum seekers have been killed upon their return. Call the White House at 202-456-1414 and request that President Obama immediately direct the Department of Homeland Security to discontinue raids and deportations of Central American children and families fleeing violence. Also, sign the petition at

2. Help keep families together by stopping deportations. is shining a light on 29 open deportation cases that need your support. In the past, the organization has helped to stop 119 imminent deportations. Click here to view the stories of the 29 individuals and families and to sign petitions to help them.

3. Get involved. The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund Facebook page – as well as those of our friends at Puente Human Rights Movement, Colibrí Center for Human Rights, and Center for Neighborhood Leadership – regularly post opportunities to join in solidarity with immigrant rights activists at rallies and in other campaigns.

4. If you’re undocumented, take steps to prepare yourself and your family for ICE raids or immigration detention. If you are in the U.S. legally but know someone undocumented, please pass the information on to them.

5. Support a DREAMer. Get information on how to increase undocumented students’ chances of success in school. Discover scholarship opportunities. Learn how to seek in-state tuition for DACA-DREAMers at Arizona State University and at Maricopa Community Colleges. Help young people overcome discrimination.

6. Celebrate successes. Facing continuous setbacks, delays and outrages, those of us fighting for human rights can often feel overwhelmed. So it’s important to remember our victories. Phoenix is moving closer to initiating a municipal ID that will empower undocumented immigrants to report crimes, visit their children’s schools and enjoy civic benefits such as library access. DREAMers can obtain drivers licenses in Arizona and Nebraska. Texas activists defeated a Republican effort to repeal the Texas Dream Act. And our LGBT brothers and sisters across the country finally have the right to marry.

7. Be informed and pro-active. Frontera Fund will keep you updated on the Supreme Court’s decisions on DAPA and extended DACA. Get informed about the requirements and, if you qualify, start preparing the information and paperwork necessary to apply.

8. Keep your faith in the judicial system to prosecute Joe Arpaio – and in your power to vote him out of office. The process of taking Arpaio to court has been excruciatingly slow. But we are optimistic his reign of racism will come to an end with more monitoring, oversight and possible criminal contempt charges, with the attorney fees coming from Arpaio’s own pockets. And remember that when Arpaio runs for re-election in 2016, you can help oust him. So…

9. Register to vote. 

10. Vote in the 2016 elections. In the 2012 presidential election, 11.2 million Latinos voted. But another 12.1 million Latinos who were eligible to vote did not. Regardless of ethnicity, gender and personal beliefs, every eligible voter should proudly participate in the exercise of democracy. And 2016 could be a game-changing year.