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5 Things You Can Do to Unseat Joe Arpaio and End His Reign of Terror

Written by Carmen Cornejo

Amid chants of “Joe Arpaio, guilty, guilty!” and a spirited protest led by young activists, federal prosecutors said Tuesday, October 11 that they will pursue charges for criminal contempt of court against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for defying Judge Snow’s orders to stop his racial profiling practices. The initial charges were filed yesterday.

Immigrant rights advocates have worked for years to bring evidence of Arpaio’s misconduct to the courts and pressed the system to tackle this demagogue who wielded unchecked power for decades.

Some of the activists protesting do not know what it is like to live in a better county since Arpaio has been in power for most of their young lives. Maricopa County’s jurisdiction covers most of the Phoenix Metro area.

It is time for a new era of accountability, and you can help bring the change Maricopa County is looking for. No matter where you live, you can do one, two, or several things to help unseat Arpaio this November. Here they are:

Read Frontera Fund articles. We have been re-posting and translating into Spanish many Phoenix New Times articles documenting Arpaio’s criminal misconduct. In these articles, reporter Stephen Lemons uncovered a secret, crazy and bogus investigation Arpaio orchestrated against Judge Snow, in an attempt to compromise the court proceedings and intimidate the judge. In addition, there are many more articles documenting deaths at Maricopa County jails, human and immigrant rights abuses, and misspending of taxpayers’ money.

Follow the Bazta Arpaio campaign. The lively protest you saw in the news, with a giant balloon figure of Joe, is part of the #BaztaArpaio campaign. But there is much more to the effort. Bazta registered citizens (mostly young people) to vote, and the campaign is committed to reaching out to 100,000 Maricopa County voters to make sure they vote against disgraced Sheriff Joe.

Order your Bazta swag and wear it proudly. The Bazta Arpaio activists have designed “Arrest Arpaio” t-shirts. Buy one!

Donate to the Bazta Arpaio campaign. To organize a campaign of these dimensions is not cheap. Help the young people get the resources they need to unseat Arpaio from power. Follow this link to donate.

VOTE! If you are a registered voter in Maricopa County, cast your vote against Joe Arpaio before or on November 8 and boot him out of office before his next court hearing.