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Meet Ricky Lopez: Stylist, Entrepreneur, DREAMer

Ricky Lopez
Written by Carmen Cornejo

He has been called the NoHo sensation for his ability to enhance the beauty of his customers in North Hollywood. His clients are women who think there is nothing better than a great balayage.

Meet Ricky Lopez. He is a hair artist who specializes in color, balayage highlights, ombre, sombre, color correction, hair extensions, and other hair confections. He is also an entrepreneur – his own boss, managing his destiny on his own terms. That’s especially important because he is a DACA recipient, and the future for many recipients is uncertain.

“I am very lucky and thankful to be in this situation [of being an entrepreneur],” says Ricky. “My livelihood is steady, as my business thrives with or without DACA.”

With his expertise in style artistry and the chemistry of hair products, Ricky serves about 160 clients a month. Many are faithful, longtime clients who help provide him with a full calendar of appointments.

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Custom color by Ricky Lopez

Ricky attended cosmetology school at the Professional Beauty Academy, but as usual in this profession, a great deal of his knowledge came with apprenticeship. He was lucky to learn the art of hairstyling with master stylists. He has participated in training seminars like the Redken Exchange and the Vidal Sassoon Precision Haircutting Workshop.

He has DACA to thank for some of his training as well. “DACA did represent a sense of security in my life,” he reflects. “With this Deferred Action, I was able to travel freely in and out of the country to pursue further education and training in the latest hair coloring techniques, necessary to stay competitive in my industry.”

“Not having that freedom is the saddest thing I have to cope with the end of DACA,” he adds. “Without DACA in place, the DREAM Act or an immigration reform, my professional growth in my field to pursue other opportunities in the beauty industry can be limited.”

Still, Ricky has big dreams. He plans to grow his client list, continue his education on the latest techniques, and work his color magic on Hollywood’s leading ladies.

You can admire his work at #hairbyrickylopez on Instagram and Facebook.

This article is part of a Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund series about DREAMer entrepreneurs.