Arizona Justice Project


Justice is often blind to indigent people – but not in the way it should be. Criminalized and lacking proper representation, many indigent people slip through cracks in the system and spend years in prison unjustly.

The mission of Arizona Justice Project is to “represent indigent Arizona inmates whose claims of innocence or manifest injustice have gone unheeded.” AJP’s clients include the wrongfully convicted, people given excessive punishment such as juvenile offenders with life sentences, and inmates suffering from PTSD or life-threatening illnesses who are receiving inadequate treatment.

Members of the organization believe that when injustice happens to an individual, our collective freedoms suffer as well.

Arizona Justice Project works in collaboration with law schools in Arizona, pro-bono lawyers and expert investigators who spend many hours bringing evidence, information and witnesses’ accounts to the cases. Currently, the organization is working on 36 active litigation or investigation cases.

The Justice Project issues a newsletter to educate the community on the misconceptions surrounding wrongful convictions, to keep students and lawyers updated in groundbreaking forensic science, and to inform the public about the outcomes of their cases.