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Arpaio Wants Jeff Sessions to Investigate the 2016 Election He Lost

Written by Carmen Cornejo

Poor Arpaio. He is so confused, he doesn’t know what hit him in November 2016, when he lost his post of Maricopa County Sheriff after 23 years in office by a wide margin.

The 86-year-old former sheriff believes he lost the election due to a malevolent conspiracy orchestrated by the Department of Justice and President Obama.

Yes, you can laugh.

Arpaio is asking U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate whether a conspiracy to sway votes away from him actually happened.

His lawyers wrote memos in which he compares the actions of the DOJ under President Obama’s administration to the actions of the special counsel probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

In short, Arpaio wants Sessions to appoint a special counsel to probe the allegations or to investigate whether the DOJ abused its powers in 2016.

He makes these allegations, apparently, because he was fighting criminal contempt of court charges stemming from disobeying a federal judge’s order in Melendres v. Arpaio, a landmark case of racial profiling against Latinos in Maricopa County. The sheriff lost the litigation, was ordered to implement serious remedies in MCSO, and later disobeyed the judge’s orders. The announcement of his conviction of criminal contempt of court was made the day early voting began.

Do not forget that the criminal contempt case was of Arpaio’s own making, as much as the Melendres case.

It was Arpaio who was cooking up wacky conspiracies.

During the criminal contempt trial, Arpaio spread conspiracies in an attempt to sow distrust of Judge Snow’s authority and integrity. The discovery of these conspiracies (thanks to Phoenix New Times‘ Stephen Lemons) ended up exploding in Arpaio’s face.

Arpaio doesn’t want you to know that the DOJ under the Obama Administration did not bring the charges against him. Instead, they were put forward by a federal judge (a conservative federal judge no less) who had to find an agency to prosecute the case.

Legal experts note that the memos Arpaio is writing to Sessions are an effort to relitigate the past, with no real legal merit.

In reality, Arpaio wants you to ignore the avalanche of issues that came crashing in on him on election day – his years-long declining polls, the bad press stemming from the contempt of court proceedings, and the giant campaign by a coalition of immigrant rights organizations called BAZTA Arpaio, which mobilized thousands of low propensity Latino voters around barrios in Maricopa County.

We know that because we funded the BAZTA Arpaio campaign with part of the money our funders, Mr. Michael Lacey and Mr. Jim Larkin, were awarded after they won a civil litigation against Arpaio for incarcerating the media executives. Both have been outspoken critics of the old sheriff for years and years, through their weekly Phoenix New Times which they owned at that time.

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