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Artists Unite and Respond to the 2016 U.S. Election

Trump. Digital Art by Eddie Macias (Mexico)
Written by Carmen Cornejo

Artists from around the world are expressing their feelings about the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, and they are not being shy about it.

Mexican-American artist and activist Andrea Arroyo invited artists to participate in Unnatural Election: Artists Respond to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. She received hundreds of responses in a myriad of artistic forms.

The resulting compilation will be exhibited in January 2017 in a to-be-announced location coinciding with the inauguration of President Trump. You can enjoy the pieces curated for the exhibition on the website and on the Facebook page.

Andrea Arroyo is an award-winning visual artist who expresses herself in a wide variety of media including painting, drawing, illustration, installation and public art.

She exhibits widely, and her work is displayed in private, corporate and public collections around the world. Her artwork has been published extensively in media outlets including The New Yorker and The New York Times, among other publications. Before Unnatural Election, Arroyo led 300 international artists in a similar project called Tribute to the Disappeared, which depicted the thousands of “Desaparecidos” – men and women who have been disappeared around the world.

The first thing they related with Trump was Hitler. All of them. That is how this came about. – Eddie Alberto Macias

One of the Unnatural Election artists is Eddie Alberto Macias – the Monterrey, Mexico-based visual editor of Reporte Indigo. He submitted a digital art piece worked in Photoshop called simply “Trump,” where the U of his name becomes a swastika.

“To participate in Unnatural Election is a great opportunity since I grew up in the border, in Matamoros, Tamaulipas,” Macias says. “Most of my family live and work in the USA. With this illustration, I’m expressing how they feel. I tried to be their voice.”

“The creative process was different from other projects I have done,” Macias continues. “First, I spoke with some of my family and friends. I asked, ‘What do you think about Trump?’ Then I shot the same question to a group of visual art students I’m teaching and, surprisingly, the first thing they related with Trump was Adolf Hitler. All of them. That is how this came about.”

Among the artists included in the Unnatural Election exhibition are: Andrea Arroyo, USA/Mexico; Pamella Allen, Jamaica; M. Annenberg, USA; Chelsea Best, USA; Serge Bloch, France; Stephen Carpenter, USA; Darío Castillejos, Mexico; Joel Cohen, USA; Nicky Enright, Ecuador/USA; El Fisgón, Mexico; Felipe Galindo, USA/Mexico; Fraga, Mexico; Buster Hall, USA; Jose Luis Hernandez Chepe, Mexico; Thomas Kerr, Canada/USA; Jessica Maffia, USA; Maritrena, Cuba; Vincent Mattina, USA; Henry Mendez Chavajay, Guatemala; Pedro Molina, Nicaragua; Nani, Spain/Colombia; Nicola Perfetto, Italy; Marlene Pohle, Argentina/Germany; Miguel Rangel, Mexico; Rapé Monero, Mexico; Arlene Rush, USA; Shubho Saha, Bangladesh; Carol Scavotto, USA; Elizabeth Starčević, USA; Andrew Stys, Canada; Tacho, Mexico; Mirna Valdes, Mexico; Johan Wahlstrom, Sweden/USA.

Unnatural Election is still accepting submissions. Follow the directions on the website to participate.