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Catharsis. Artists Respond to The Trump Presidency

From left: "American"-Andrea Arroyo; "Trumps Turkey"- Rob Shepperson; "End of Times"-Lalo Alcaraz
Written by Carmen Cornejo

Art posted with permission. Unnatural Election.

Pretty art is nice but, personally, I like the artistic expressions that make you think, reflect and challenge you, even when it is confrontational.

There is a collection of diverse artistic expressions that are questioning the weird election we experienced, where Donald Trump, a racist, misogynistic, con-artist, sexual predator, and Putin admirer became president of the United States.

The project has been called “Un-American,” but freedom of expresion is a core American principle

If there is a way to cope with that and offer some resistance to what is to come, Unnatural Elections: Artist Respond to the 2016 US Presidential Election, most be part of it.


Yael Ben-Zion (Israel/US) Untitled C-Print


Mexican-American artist and activist Andrea Arroyo invited artists from all over the world to send cathartic art to form an exhibition that reflected what is like to confront the Trump presidency.  The enthusiastic response became Unnatural Election. You can see the pieces being curated at the website and on the Facebook page.

Andrea Arroyo is an award-winning visual artist who expresses herself in a wide variety of media including painting, drawing, illustration, installation and public art. She is not only an artist but a leader who gathers artist to respond to social issues.

Unnatural Election will be opening at New York University‘s Kimmel Galleries, January 16, 2017. More than 100 international artists will be exhibited in different media, including traditional media (pastel, ink, oil on canvas) and new media (Photoshop, video, etc.)


Sirako (Mexico) “Trump” Digital