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DACA by the Numbers

Written by Carmen Cornejo

There are numerous ways DACA benefits its recipients and the country as a whole. Here is the data behind DACA – from reliable sources.

  • Nearly 800,000 people across the country are DACA beneficiaries.
  • 1.1 million people were eligible for DACA in 2014, according to a Pew Research Center estimate.
  • California received the highest number of DACA applications, at 223,000, followed by Texas, New York, Illinois, and Florida.
  • Arizona has approximately 28,000 DACA beneficiaries – one of the higher rates in the country.
  • 95 percent of DACA recipients were working and/or in school, according to a 2016 survey.
  • About 72 percent were enrolled in higher education programs.
  • 54 percent of DACA recipients recently bought their first car, according to a 2016 survey; 12 percent bought a home.
  • 21 percent of DACA recipients work in education and health services – the highest of any other industry, according to a 2016 survey.
  • DACA helped raise wages: According to a 2016 survey, recipients made an average wage of $13.96 an hour, compared to $9.83 an hour before DACA.
  • 98 percent of DACA recipients were bilingual, and most said their ability to speak two languages is an asset to their employer.
  • The economy may lose $460 billion in GDP and about $24 billion in Social Security and Medicare tax contributions if DACA is terminated.
  • Arizona will lose more than $1.25 billion of its GDP over 10 years due to DACA worker loss. According to USCIS, 27,211 individuals are protected by the DACA program, and 23,674 participate as workers in diverse industries.
  • 17 percent of DACA beneficiaries were married to an American citizen.
  • 26 percent had a child who is an American citizen.
  • The number of DACA individuals working in the education sector around the country, 20,000.
  • Number of DACA individuals losing their work permit due to DACA ending March 5th, 2018: 30,000 per month -a thousand per day-  (not counting persons who failed to renew during Sept-Oct period.
  • 800 #DACA recipients serve in the United States armed forces through the #MAVNI program.

Download, print and distribute this fact sheet by clicking DACA by the Numbers.

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