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DACA-DREAMer Detained by Trump’s Deportation Machine. Take Action!

Written by Carmen Cornejo

Some of immigrant youth’s worse fears materialized yesterday when Daniel Medina Ramirez who, in spite of having a protected status under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents (ICE).

Daniel is a 23-year-old Washington state resident who has been granted DACA twice, which means that he has passed stringent criminal background checks.

His detention seems arbitrary and troublesome: Journalists are reporting that he is being accused of gang affiliation, and he is being forced to admit ties with gang members.

Attorneys have already rushed to his aid and filed a lawsuit alleging that the DACA recipient has been detained “unconstitutionally and in an unjustifiably unprecedented manner.”

He is one of the 750,000 persons brought to the USA as minors that fulfill a series of requisites (and have no criminal records). President Obama protected them temporarily for deportation and gave them the opportunity to work in the country legally with a two-year Employment Authorization Card or EAD.  Additionally, DACA recipients receive a reprieve from deportation.  Click here to read about DACA statistics. 

These young persons are not supposed to be affected by recent Executive Orders on immigration by the Trump administration which has expanded the priorities for deportation to anybody in the country illegally.

Layers and activist are rushing to support Daniel.  The immigrant youth advocacy organization, United We DREAM released last night a petition to release Daniel.

Sign the petition to #FreeDaniel here. 

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