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DACA Twins and Teenager with Down Syndrome in Danger of Being Victims of Trump’s Deportation Machine

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Written by Carmen Cornejo

Trump and Sessions may be the evil Grinches that stole the Thanksgiving Holiday and threaten to steal the spirit of Christmas and all the heartwarming celebrations in the U.S. You know that while you are gathering with your families and enjoying a fine meal, immigrants are being uprooted, separated from their loved ones and people they care for.

This is not good for the moral fiber of this country or (being a little more pedestrian) its economy.

Here are two stories that hit the internet this Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

Two DACA beneficiaries, twin sisters in their 20s, Liany Villacis-Guerrero and Maria Villacis-Guerrero, not only are dealing with the end of the Obama era program called DACA, which protected them from deportation along with allowing them to work legally, but are fighting to prevent the deportation of their parents, Liany Guerrero, a Colombian citizen, and Juan Villacis, from Ecuador.

Their parents came to the U.S. legally in 2001, fleeing threats Liany faced in Colombia, due to her political activism.

The twins grew up in Woodhaven, Queens, and are star students.

Although the family has made all efforts to become legalized, being good contributors to their communities, they have reported to the federal government year after year until 2017, when all things immigration are becoming harsher.

On October 18, their parents’ yearly permit was not renewed. ICE ordered Juan Villacis to return to the building on November 15 – one day after his stay of removal.

The ‘bad hombres’ thing was bullshit. This Trump immigration stuff is major part of his racist war on women and families. –David Leopold, on Twitter

Under the Obama administration, Mr. Villacis and Mrs. Guerrero would likely remain in the country, because immigration enforcement agencies focused on deporting persons with several illegal entries or criminal convictions.

But under the Trump-Sessions administration, all immigrants are hunted down, no matter their circumstances.

Mr. Villacis is a physical therapist who taught himself English. Now, Mrs. Guerrero is afraid to be separated from her twin daughters and deported to a country where she is marked for persecution.

You can read more about this family’s story here.

Here is what prominent immigration attorney and commentator David Leopold said about this case on Twitter.

Another story that comes this Thanksgiving weekend about the cruelty of the Trump administration’s lack of priorities in immigration enforcement is the case of Fatiha Elgharib, who is set to be deported to Morocco on Monday.

Fatiha is the mother of a teenage boy with Down Syndrome named Sami.

The story has not reached the mainstream media yet. The story has been published in a Down Syndrome advocacy blog “Inclusion Evolution.”

See a video of Sami and his mother here.

Like many Down Syndrome individuals, Sami faces multiple health issues, including congenital heart malformation, hypothyroidism, along with other problems and is having a hard time understanding what is going on and why his mother has to leave.

To compound the drama, we all know Morocco is one of the poorest countries to be deported to.

For advocates with Inclusion Evolution, the separation of Fatiha and Sami is unthinkable due to the grave consequences for the health of the teenage boy, who is an American citizen.

Inclusion Evolution asks peole to call Congressman Mike Turner to stop Fatiha’s deportation. Click here to do your part and defend this family.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, you can do your part to bring the spirit of this country back, fighting along with immigrant families.