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Dia de los Muertos: Celebration of Art, Culture and Life

Written by Carmen Cornejo

Longtime art advocates Carmen and Zarco Guerrero know how to bring cultura and celebration to the people.

For 6 consecutive years, they have celebrated El Dia de Los Muertos in Phoenix, an extension of their work for more than 3 decades bringing the art of the Mexican-American, Mexican, Indigenous, and Chicano traditions in Arizona.

Dia de los Muertos Phoenix took place October 29th from noon to 6:00 and gathered thousands of persons at the Steele Indian School Park. Participants not only enjoyed the performer’s masks, dance, and costumes but melted into the celebration by showing their own costumes as calacas, catrinas and catrinos.  At the end, all participated in a joyous procession in honor of the dearly departed.

Dia de los muertos 2017

This annual event was free and open to the public.

Cultural Coalition, Carmen and Zarco’s not-for-profit, has the mission to provide community engagement through unique cultural programs dedicated to the education, promotion, and development of indigenous artists in Arizona.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is a supporter of Dia de los Muertos in Phoenix and other cultural events by Cultural Coalition.

Here is a video of the celebration.