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Dia de los Muertos Phoenix by Cultural Coalition

An estimated 10,000 people gathered at Steele Indian School Park on October 25th to enjoy Dia de los Muertos by Cultural Coalition, sponsored by Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Kids dressed up as calacas (skeletons), danced, and decorated sugar skulls. Participants set up colorful altars in remembrance of the departed, and honored the 43 students who disappeared from the Ayotzinapa school in Mexico last year. People of all ages chanted “Arriba la cultura!” and “Que vivan las tradiciones!” (“Long life to traditions and culture!”).

Enjoy a video of the event by following this link.

One Dia de los Muertos tradition that’s alive and well is the reciting of calaveras – satirical poems that poke fun at current events and remind us we’re all mortal:

La calaca y su tablet
          Todos muy alegres en las redes sociales platicaban
          llegó la calaca muy contenta pues su tablet estrenaba
          le pedía ayuda a todo aquel que se le cruzaba
          pero como nadie atención le otorgaba
          ella muy enfadada al panteón se los llevaba

Death and her Tablet
         All were very happy, chatting on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat,
         When the calaca, the flamboyant death, arrived with her new tablet
         She asked for help to set it up so she could post selfies
        But since nobody paid attention
        Swiftly to the graveyard, non-stop flight, she took them