Fundación México

This southern Arizona foundation grants college scholarships to hardworking, civically engaged and academically achieving “Dreamers” of Mexican heritage.  The foundation recognizes the struggle of young immigrants brought across the border without papers as children. Although they now have legal permission to stay in the country and yearn to give back to the United States, Dreamers are often financially barricaded from the higher education they seek. Arizona law requires Dreamers pay out-of-state tuition that is out of reach for poor families. Dreamers are also denied any scholarships that include even a penny of public funds.

Instead of giving up, Dreamers recognized by the foundation have volunteered in the community, worked for the human rights of others, and struggled to privately fund their own college educations, one expensive course at a time. The foundation believes that by recognizing and valuing the efforts of stellar Dreamers, and their culture, it helps set the stage for a more productive, respectful relationship between Mexico and the United States in the future.