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Hey, Trump! Immigrants Reduce Crime.


Recently, Donald Trump has dished up a load of baloney not seen since lunchtime at Arpaio’s Tent City. We have this message for the presidential candidate.

Dear Donald Trump,

Racist rhetoric is like a corn-colored combover: It sucks at covering up the truth.

During your presidential campaign announcement, you called Mexican immigrants a bunch of drug-dealing criminals and rapists. You then thought better of it and called them “in many cases” a bunch of drug-dealing criminals and rapists.

Now, we know you think climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese to hobble the U.S. economy, so empirical evidence is probably lost on you. But the bald truth is: “[I]mmigrants are less likely to commit serious crimes or be behind bars than the native-born, and high rates of immigration are associated with lower rates of violent crime and property crime.”

That statement is from a report issued on July 8 from the American Immigration Council. Since you like things with numbers in them (like Chapter 11), here are a few figures from the report:

Between 1990 and 2013, the immigrant share of the U.S. population grew from 7.9 percent to 13.1 percent, while the number of undocumented immigrants rose from 3.5 million to 11.2 million.

Did we see a spike in the number of drug-dealing criminals and rapists during that time? No, actually. Violent crime plummeted by 48 percent and property crime by 41 percent, according to FBI data.

Now let’s look inside jails. You can tell your friend Joe Arpaio that 1.6 percent of immigrant males age 18 to 39 are incarcerated, compared to 3.3 percent of native-borns. That’s been the case for decades. In fact, if you single out less-educated males in that age group, native-born Americans are incarcerated at three times the rate of Mexican immigrants.

And as we’ve reported before, reforming the immigration system by legalizing undocumented immigrants and increasing the number of highly skilled migrants would save the U.S. $570 billion. That’s about 142 times your net worth, which you’re so fond of lying about.