How to Report a Bad Immigration Lawyer

Written by Carmen Cornejo

There are great immigration lawyers in the community.  Most of them serve their clients with respect and integrity. Some of them go the extra-mile doing valuable pro-bono work to help the neediest.

Unfortunately, there are few who take advantage of their clients knowing that many of their mistakes will be deported and not reported.

Read here our guide to find a good immigration lawyer.

How can immigrants defend themselves from a bad lawyer?

An immigration lawyer is a professional who has a Jurist Doctor degree plus has been accepted by the State Bar of his or her state.  State Bar Associations are organizations which ensure high professional and ethical standards among their members.  Each state has its own Bar Association.

A lawyer member of the Bar may be disciplined or taken their right to practice law if he or she has violated the standards set by the American Bar Association.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has a list of immigration lawyers in good standing both with their State Bar Association(s) and AILA. If you cannot find the name of a lawyer in these professional organizations’ listings, stay away from this individual.

And do not confuse an immigration lawyer with a “notario” who is a scam artist that pretends to be a lawyer.

If you have a complaint about the job a lawyer is doing in Arizona, click this link and follow the instructions.

Additionally, you can report a bad immigration lawyer filing a complaint with the disciplinary counsel for the Executive Office of Immigration Review- EOIR or the Departmenr of Homeland Security- DHS– depending on where your immigration matter was pending.

Good luck!