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Joe Arpaio Announces (Officially) He Is Running for the Senate. We Say: In Your Dreams, Joe.

Written by Carmen Cornejo

Disgraced and voted out of office, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced he is running for the Senate seat that will be vacant when Senator Jeff Flake leaves his post. Immediately, the net exploded in laughter, touches of sarcasm, shame and embarrassment.

Just before losing the election in 2016, Arpaio was declared guilty of contempt of federal court for continuing to racially profile Latinos in Maricopa County. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was instrumental in providing funding to the nationally recognized and celebrated BAZTA Arpaio campaign, in which hundreds of young people mobilized low propensity Latino voters to fight with their vote against Arpaio.

The only reason he is not in jail in spite of his open contempt of court orders is that his pal, the “stable genius” Trump, pardoned him in a controversial move that did not follow the process of presidential pardons.

So many people are asking, Can convicted individuals run for office? Can they even vote?

Apparently, the pardon makes him eligible.

Does he have supporters? Sure. The share of the electorate that still supports him is just as minimal as those who support Trump. Believe or not, he has plenty of supporters who are not residents of Maricopa County, including anonymous Twitter trolls from faraway places who still post things like this.

But external and fake support is not enough to give him a win. Thanks to many activists, journalists and concerned citizens, we know Arpaio is morally unfit to hold any public office (not even dog-catcher). He squandered taxpayer money, paying out lawsuits against racial profiling, horrific inmate deaths that occurred under his watch, and attacks he made against his political opponents. And despite calling himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” he and his deputies failed to investigate more than 400 sex crime cases, many of them involving children.

Heck, you are reading this thanks to a lawsuit Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin won against Arpaio when he jailed them for publishing articles in Phoenix New Times against his misdeeds, an open affront to the first amendment of the Constitution.

The Melendres court case and its derived court proceeding and reform implementation bills are projected to cost taxpayers $100 million by 2018, according to the Arizona Republic. Yes, if you are a Maricopa County resident, you are still paying Arpaio’s bills.