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Join the New Bazta Arpaio Campaign to Boot Sheriff Joe

Photo by Carmen Cornejo

Mark your calendars for September 24: A new movement is gathering to (finally) topple Arpaio.

Joe Arpaio’s reign may reach its tipping point this fall. Thousands of activists and legal advocates are combining their muscle to shove out the sheriff in the November election. 

A survey recently revealed that the majority of Arizona voters have a negative view of Arpaio. A judge called a hearing on October 11 to determine whether federal prosecutors will charge the racial profiler with criminal contempt of court

Pushing the momentum forward is Bazta Arpaio, a new campaign launched in August that will harness the power of protest, community organizing, and voter awareness to help oust the sheriff.  

Numerous groups including Center for Neighborhood Leadership and Puente are putting their weight behind the campaign, mobilizing voters and non-voters alike. 

“The majority of Maricopa County voters have had enough of toxic Sheriff Arpaio,” said Maria Rodriguez, an organizer with Bazta Arpaio. “People are seeing through his tough self-image to see the reckless, abusive, and divisive person he is and deciding that he has no place in office. We’re ready for a new day in Arizona.”

Bazta Arpaio – a blend of basta, or “enough,” with the AZ of Arizona – has 20 staffers and hopes to add 100 people to canvass potential voters. The group is targeting Latinos who did not vote in the 2012 election, either because they chose not to or had not yet turned 18. 

It’s crucial to encourage people to vote this November 8. Though a poll released this month found that 57 percent of Maricopa County voters and 54 percent of all Arizona voters view Arpaio unfavorably, the sheriff won more than 65 percent of the vote in the primary election. It’s going to be difficult fight.

Bazta Arpaio hopes the criminal contempt case against Arpaio will help tip the scales. The organization is pressuring the Department of Justice to follow Judge Snow’s recommendation to prosecute the sheriff for “multiple acts of misconduct, dishonesty, and bad faith,” as well as his “intention to violate and manipulate the laws and policies regulating their conduct.”

At the October 11 hearing, federal prosecutors will decide whether to charge the sheriff with criminal contempt of court.

On September 24, Bazta Arpaio is hosting a party for the campaign at The Coronado in Phoenix. Stop by to sip a Tequila vs. Arpaio, listen to music from DJ Jamie J. Soto, and buy local art or anti-Arpaio swag. Proceeds will fund the campaign to oust the sheriff.

The fiesta will be the first of many Bazta Arpaio events this fall, including street parties and a massive bike ride.

Learn more about how you can participate in the campaign, help canvass voters, or donate here.