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Judge Demands Dreamers List

Written by Carmen Cornejo

The Texas Judge who presides over the DAPA and DACA+ injunction case has made a highly unusual and likely illegal request. He wants the government to make a list of the immigrants – mostly DREAMers – who were given three-year employment authorizations instead of two, including all personal information such as addresses, contact information and “A” numbers, along with the date the three-year renewal was granted.

The judge also ordered the creation of a new continuing legal education program solely for Justice Department lawyers. The reason for both orders: Texas Judge Andrew Hanen believes DOJ’s lawyers lied to him during the DAPA and DACA+ litigation.

Interestingly, the DOJ lawyers who apparently have to comply with this last order are individuals who have nothing to do with the DAPA and DACA+ case and are not dealing with cases in Hanen’s jurisdiction.

Judge Hanen is the same person who in November 2014 blocked President Obama’s executive order that granted deferred action to parents of citizens and legal residents (DAPA) and an extended version of DACA for those left out of the original DACA.

“This is an intimidation tactic,” says Karina Ruiz, Arizona DREAM Act Coalition’s president of the board. ADAC helps DREAMers to file deferred action applications. “What is his intention? To me it is clear he is doing this to scare DREAMers, to keep them from applying to the [Deferred Action] process.”

It is calculated that 108,000 young immigrants were granted three-year deferred action during the period between the announcement of the DAPA/DACA+ programs and the injunction by Judge Hanen, instead of the original two years’ reprieve from deportation. The November 2014 executive directive extend the deferred action from two to three years.

Is important to note that for some people, the three-year deferred action was recalled.

Karina Ruiz is afraid that the order by Judge Hanen to collect DREAMers’ personal information will create confusion among the young immigrants. “I will tell DREAMers not to be discouraged [or] intimidated and to keep applying for DACA. Keep calm and keep applying”, she says.

The organization United We DREAM has created an online petition to ask President Obama and the Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, not to give the list to the court and to stand up against the order.