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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Condemns Decision to End DACA

WE SUPPORT DACA#Fight4DACA@fronterafund
Written by Carmen Cornejo

In spite of the evident and wide support for DACA, President Trump cowardly caved to the extremist wing of his party and commissioned a smiley Attorney General Jeff Sessions to announce the end of the program that shielded young immigrants from deportation and allowed them to participate in the economic life of the country.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund condemns the end or so-called phase off of the program in six months, without an adequate DREAM Act in place, as one of the most heartless and cruel decisions of this administration.

Politicians, citizens from all walks of life, famous people, tech giants, and leaders of faith communities, among others, raised their voices in support of DACA. But apparently it was not enough, and the Trump-Sessions agenda won this time.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has funded DREAMer- and DACA-led organizations such as The ADACAliento, Trans Queer Pueblo and CNL, as well as other organizations that support immigrants. We believe in justice and the integration of immigrants in the economic and political life of our country, and we seek the development of young talent to fight for our communities.

We have invested in taking down enemies of DACA-DREAMers and their parents by funding the BAZTA Arpaio campaign, which helped successfully take Sheriff Joe out of power in November 2016.

We use this website to educate immigrants, especially DREAMers, about the latest developments and the issues that affect them.

The announcement of the DACA termination only strengthens our resolve to keep fighting for immigrant rights, DACA individuals and justice for all.

We look forward to Congress getting their act together and passing a permanent solution that includes a path to legalization for immigrant youth, such as the DREAM Act, as the first step in a process to bringing immigration reform.