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Love Trumps Hate

Women gathered to affirm their commitment to peace and love and to be part on the Love Glasses Revolution
Written by Carmen Cornejo

The world sometimes can be a harsh and cold place, but there are individuals determined to see life through a better lens, and they are ready to create a revolution of peace.

This point of view is a bold statement now that the U.S. has elected as president a person who has used hateful rhetoric against immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans, African-American communities and many people who are outside the ‘old white male’ power clique.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit that combats and tracks hate, intolerance and discrimination, is reporting an increase in harassment of minority groups after the 2016 election. Anti-Black and anti-immigrant hate incidents were the most reported events, with anti-Muslim being the third most common.

Several racist rant videos have emerged on YouTube and have gone viral. In one, a woman named Jennifer Boyle screams at African-American employees at a Michaels arts and craft store, declaring she voted for Donald Trump as justification for her behavior. In another, a woman shouts racial slurs to Hispanic customers at a Louisville mall. Just recently, a Menorah decorating a Chandler, Arizona home was vandalized and twisted to form a swastika.

How can people fight back against hate? One woman is creating a Love Glasses Revolution.

“Love Glasses Revolution carries a message of love, hope, prosperity and generosity,” says founder Tara Ijai. “By putting on your pair of love glasses, you are joining us in this pledge. We believe the world can be a better place free from atrocities, hatred, terrorism, corruption, injustice, discrimination, violence, etc.”


Tara Ijai

Tara is a wife, mother of two teen boys, and an American Muslim who believes everyday citizens can be agents of positive change, breaking stereotypes along the way.

“Our message is simple! We can create an equal and loving world for all to live in peace and harmony,” says Ijai. “We choose love over evil; we want to see a beautiful world full of love and compassion.”

“At Love Glasses Revolution, everyone is welcome regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender, religion, status or color.”

The sunglasses, in shape of two hearts, are meant to identify wearers as peacemakers and love warriors. You can buy them at Ijai’s website, loveglassesrevolution.comYou can also join the Love Glasses Revolution’s community by taking the love pledge and by sharing pictures and videos at @LoveGlassesRev or #loveglassesrevolution on Twitter and Instagram.


Several businesses are also participating in the pledge and helping spread the movement.

Whatever you do to bring positive change to the world, with your help 2017 may be the year when love trumps hate.