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Phoenix New Times Publishes a Refresher of Arpaio’s Authoritarian Atrocities While Republicans Can’t Quit Him

Written by Carmen Cornejo

There are plenty of reasons not to vote for Joe Arpaio in the upcoming GOP primary, even though there are not good candidates to choose from. To be blunt, Joe’s attempt to run for the vacant Senate seat runs into the absurd.

He already lost an election in the most populated county in Arizona, thanks to the electorate, who finally realized he is not fit to be a sheriff. He lost the election with the help of hundreds of young people who mobilized low-propensity voters as part of the BAZTA Arpaio campaign.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supported the young leaders who put together this nationally recognized civic campaign.

But if you still need a refresher on why Arpaio is a danger to our community, read the Phoenix New Times cover article listing 10 reasons why he shouldn’t be senator.

Please follow this link to read the article.

In spite of this laundry list of authoritarian atrocities, Joe has been invited to be a speaker at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner and Fundraiser on February 18 at the Carson Valley Inn in Minden, Nevada, hosted by the Douglas County Republican Central Committee.

It seems the Republican Party cannot flush out the old racist Arpaio, who was ordered to stop the racial profiling of Latinos while serving as Maricopa County Sheriff, only to later openly disobey the federal judge’s orders and get declared guilty of criminal contempt.

No, Trump’s pardon does not make Arpaio innocent.

Political commentators are speculating about the reasons Arpaio is running for office again. Some say he is paying back Trump by dividing the Republican vote in favor of Martha McSally, the “establishment” favorite, especially since opponent Kelli Ward was openly supported by Steve Bannon.

Others say Arpaio can’t quit the media attention.

It is possible he is trying to keep fresh in the minds of vulnerable and gullible seniors who will contribute to both his campaign and his legal fund. He is not shy about suggesting donations from $50 to $10,000.