Scholarship Resources for DACA-DREAMers

scholarships for DREAMers
Written by Carmen Cornejo

College seems out of reach for many undocumented students because they do not have access to federal or state grants or student loans, as citizens and permanent residents do.

However, some private scholarship funds do not require the applicant to be a citizen or permanent resident, and many have opened their scholarships to DACA-DREAMers.

There are great organizations which annually compile resources and information about available scholarships. DACA-DREAMers should review scholarship requirements to find those that apply to their situation. It takes intense research, but many students have been successful applying for good scholarships.

Here are the best sites:

The Mexican American Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF) has a great annual publication on scholarships.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Tucson-based organization Scholarships A-Z provides lists and other resources. Click on “Scholarships.”

DREAM US is a national scholarship fund for DREAMers. In the past year, DREAM US worked a deal with Arizona State University to offer scholarships for ASU’s online university. Some of the recent announcements on in-state tuition for DACA recipients in Arizona may change previous requirements.

The Isac Amaya Foundation is a great local organization that helps young professionals and offers scholarships.

College Depot at the Burton Barr Library in Phoenix is a great place to find information about college entrance, access scholarships databases, and seek guidance, regardless of legal status. Great resource!

Tostitos-Cesar Chavez Hispanic Scholarship Fund. A popular company (PepsiCo) and Cesar Chavez Foundation join forces to help students reach their education dreams.