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The Video John McCain Does Not Want You to See

danged fence
Written by Carmen Cornejo

John McCain is trying to block his rival for the Senate seat, Ann Kirkpatrick, from posting this video from the time he thought it was cool to be anti-immigrant.

Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, the Democratic candidate, uploaded the 2010 campaign video, adding Spanish subtitles. The effect?  Very Trumpian.

In the video, McCain appears saying “Complete the danged fence” while walking along the border with no other than Sheriff Paul Babeu, who threatened with deportation his former lover, a Mexican immigrant.

In 2016, “build the wall” is the punchline Donald Trump is using in his campaign. Now McCain is running away from any association with the xenophobic magnate, who has an unfavorable rating among Hispanics of 77 percent, according to Gallup.

The Hill reports that McCain’s campaign is citing copyright violations, but do not believe McCain.

In fact, as with border and immigration, he flip-flops with copyrights issues too

The reality? Kirkpatrick and old Senator are neck-and-neck in the latest polls, and he desperately needs the Hispanic community to win this one.

Good luck with that!