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Walk To Honor Migrants May 30 – June 5


More than 150 people participated in a 75-mile walk through the searing hot desert Monday, May 30 to Sunday, June 5. The 13th annual Migrant Walk brought people from across North America to walk from Sásabe, Sonora to Tucson, Arizona in solidarity with the thousands of immigrants who make this journey annually.

Participants honored the more than 6,000 men, women and children who have died crossing the U.S.-Mexico border since the 1990s, when ramped-up border militarization diverted migrants to harsher and more isolated terrain.

“I’m walking because I want to bring attention to what is happening here, and I want to let everyone know that it is not right,” said Ruby DeWilde, a seventh grader from Portland, Oregon before walking the Migrant Trail with her mother for the second time. “There are families and children just like me who make this treacherous journey trying to escape violence, arriving to the United States only to face criticism, racism, and often more violence.”

Participants in the free, family-friendly event come from diverse cultures, faiths and age groups. Some have lost family members to this dangerous journey. They are all peacefully demanding an end to these preventable deaths.

For more information, visit the Migrant Trail website.