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Watch the Story of the Little Girl Who Fought Joe Arpaio

Written by Carmen Cornejo

Two American citizens can live worlds apart. In the case of the documentary Two Americans, one citizen is a powerful sheriff who capitalized on racism to gain and retain power, victimizing a community and ruining Arizona’s reputation. The other citizen is a small Latina girl fighting the sheriff to keep her parents from being swallowed into his deportation machine.

These two Americans are Kathy Figueroa and Joe Arpaio – the David and Goliath of the YouTube age. Their drama plays out alongside the story of a community rising against oppression as underlying demographics shift like tectonic plates, altering the face of the earth.

Two Americans, a documentary from bilingual journalist and filmmaker Valeria Fernandez and filmmaker Daniel DeVivo, was originally released in 2012. It is now being relaunched with updated content reflecting Joe Arpaio’s imminent fall.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is proud to sponsor the relaunch and conversion of the film from DVD format to an online link.

You can RENT the documentary online by following this link.


“The situations we described in the film four years ago are still taking place today, the difference is that we experienced this first in Arizona and we see this now being discussed in a national platform,” said Valeria Fernadez.

“The immigration debate was incredibly divisive and costly to Arizona. We are relaunching the film now because we see that what this is happening now in the rest of the country.   Kathy Figueroa is a first generation American, one of 5 million children of undocumented parents. Her particular situation makes us reflect on how we define the American identity. This documentary, which needs to be seen around the country, marks all the contrasts so the audiences can make their conclusions in this important electoral season.”